DDC Controls and Products

DDC refers to automated control through a computer or other digital device, and can be customised to suit your system. Larger buildings or systems usually require a complex system of controllers, and DDC can assist with streamlining processes. At Automated Building Solutions, we have carefully selected a variety of DDC controls to help aid work productivity or to work with your personal project.
Each part has its own critical role in maintaining efficiency, and mechanic, refrigerant and air conditioning parts are no different. We carefully select our range, partnering with leading manufacturers and ensuring all products are tested and of the latest design.

Experienced distributors of premium quality control parts

Automated Building Solutions aim to provide tailored and specified solutions for our customers across Our range includes, but is not exclusive to Hevac and Belimo, with each of our partners ensuring reliable function. We specialise in distributing solutions for old and new applications, with a focus on detailed instructions and sketches. This allows you to better apply your controls, while the team of Automated Building Solutions always commit to user-friendly controls and an openness and willingness to help our customers. We also consider environmental impacts of our supply by utilising the latest energy efficient and sustainable controls products.


Choose a specialist distributor for your control systems

If you require DDC controls for your system, we are able to help you with choosing the appropriate parts for your project. All of our products come with detailed instructions, including images and guides to ensure you are correctly applying them. For more information on our range, you can call Automated Building Solutions on 0411 470 501, or browse the range yourself.



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