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About us

Automated Building Solutions Pty Ltd (ABS) is an Airconditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Controls and Automation Specialist company. We design, engineer, service, quote and supply control systems to suit an application, whether it’s from a specification or your customers unique requirement. I also personally bring to ABS many years’ experience teaching Diploma, Certificate 111 & IV to apprentices, tradespeople and technicians. I have taught at TAFESA and recently at PEER.

How we can partner with you

Automated Building Solutions business model primarily is to supply its customers a controls solution.


➢ Work with our customers to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that meets the requirements specified.

➢ Provide prewired controls boards, making it a simpler installation for your install team.

➢ Provide detail drawings, functional descriptions and operational details of the controls supplied.

➢ Provide competitive controls solutions with all associated components including, Damper Motors/ Valves and actuators, sensors, etc.

➢ Training Courses for Industry

Controls training

Training is typically for those in the Airconditioning, Refrigeration and mechanical services industry. Our courses are designed for the:

➢ Service technician (Airconditioning/ Refrigeration)

➢ Mechanical Services Electricians.

➢ Supervisors and Managers

➢ Apprentices



ABS offer 3 NON-ACCREDITED courses

The participant will receive a statement of attainment detailing the subjects completed. This may be used as evidence to get RPL (Recognized Prior Learning) from TAFE/PEER.

The courses are structured as follows:


Suited for apprentices, trainees, and tradespeople, the course covers:

➢ basic control systems

➢ selection, installation and servicing of controls

➢ understanding electric controls drawings

➢ applying knowledge of control systems

➢ understanding basic thermostat to electronic control

➢ calibration


Suited for Tradespeople and apprentices with some control’s knowledge, the course covers:

➢ in-depth understanding of electronic controls

➢ applications of electronic controllers

➢ interpreting controls specifications and creating a points list

➢ understanding DDC drawings

➢ understanding advanced electrical controls drawings

➢ understanding DDC/BMS systems

➢ programming DDC controls small projects

➢ introduction to Graphics and touchscreen HMI

➢ calibration


Advanced: (pre-requisite above)

In this course the student will:

➢ read and interpret the controls section of the specification, create a project including points list

➢ create flow chart of control strategy

➢ design and create program

➢ download program and test operation

➢ create front end graphical interface via web browser and mobile phone access

➢ create front end graphical interface via touchscreen and remote access

➢ communicate with 3rd party BMS/DDC products using the BACnet protocol

➢ producing a complete project file with drawings, functional description and operational information for the end user

➢ Understanding sample DDC/BMS controls systems and providing a functional description

➢ understanding controls calibration and servicing for DDC/BMS systems.

➢ How to retrofit an electric/electronic control system to DDC/BMS

➢ Understanding how a DDC/BMS system can be utilized in your project for energy management, load shedding, utilities monitoring etc.



What will be provided:

➢ Access to our online course, which has notes and information provided

➢ Advanced students will be provided with a USB – RJ12 interface dongle to communicate with DDC

➢ Coffee



What you need to bring:

➢ Yourself

➢ Windows 10 Laptop

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Stan Bournias